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Qualitate showcases ViMS: cutting edge technology to accelerate Quality and Compliance.

On September 20th, Qualitate, in collaboration with Micro Focus and NL42 organized a breakfast and lunch session in Milan attended by representatives of important pharmaceutical companies from the region.

Micro Focus shared their vision on Application Delivery and how their wide range of tools enable customers to deliver applications at higher speed and confidence. Andrea Viola, responsible for the Southern Europe partner ecosystem, explained the Micro Focus partner strategy and the support to partners who develop custom solutions based on their toolset. Qualitate, a Micro Focus Silver Business Partner, has developed ViMS for ALM to enable regulated companies to accelerate quality and compliance by removing all paper from their validation processes.

NL42 co-founder Roberto Castelnovo set the stage for paperless laboratories highlighting how increasing requirements for Data Integrity make the use of computerized systems a necessity rather than a luxury. He explained some of the common pitfalls when acquiring a paperless management solution and shared insights to improve the efficiency and quality in the acquisition, implementation and management of paperless lab solutions.

Qualitate founder Ewout van Driel then performed a live demo of how ViMS enables us to manage the entire validation lifecycle in a paperless way. The session generated a lot of interaction of participants about validation practices and how these can be managed with ViMS. Some highlighted topics are:

  • The ever-increasing workload of QA and validation departments and how manual, paper based processes are simply not sustainable.
  • How the management of the entire validation process in ViMS optimizes the validation effort by eliminating duplicate activities, reduces review cycles by up to 90% and fosters cross-departmental collaboration.
  • The speed at which we can generate and obtain the required approvals for validation documentation using ViMS electronic signatures.
  • The ease of configuration of ViMS to be adapted to each customer´s requirement.

The main conclusion of the session is that cutting edge technology is now available to manage the compliance of computerized systems, and today’s professionals need to take the opportunity to use this and let it help them to work in a structured yet optimized way, eliminating waste such as paper and its filing from the validation process.

The average rating of the event – 4.4 out of 5 – reflected the interest and participation observed during the presentations and demo and the relevance of the presented topics in today’s challenging environment.

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